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Gina swimmin' for cancer!

I got this from

Gina from Lunachicks swims to battle cancer
Contributed by an Anonymous Source, Posted by adam on Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 12:00:02 PM (EST)

Go-Kart Records is reporting that Gina Volpe, from Lunachicks and Bantam, is participating in the NYC Ford Triathlon to fight lymphoma and leukemia. As part of the July fundraiser she will be swimming in the Hudson River. From the label:

Gina, as part of the "Team in Training" program, is competing and fundraising in honor of those individuals who are battling blood cancers right now. One of her teams “Honored Teammates,” is 14-year-old Marie McGrory. Marie is currently in remission, and her future life goal is as simple as “stay cancer free.”

Please make a donation in support of "Team In Training” and Gina's run for the finish line! Sadly most of us know someone who has suffered from a blood cancer and/or some other cancer. Your contributions will make a difference to those battling cancer win the race of a lifetime!
Info on the tax deductible donations can be found on Gina's website at
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