Zungo aka Linzy aka Momma aka linzyforgot aka... (cloverclip) wrote in lunachicks,
Zungo aka Linzy aka Momma aka linzyforgot aka...

panties on the wall

Ok so where I live there is this old dirty bar that is perfect for the dirty old men, freaks and punks... now this bar has hundreds of bras all over the place... they are nailed to the ceiling, to the walls, they hang from everything you can think of... gals just go in and throw em up there. You can also tack whatever you find amusing to the walls or the tables. SO! A bunch of us fans went in and thought it the bestest place ever to display a beautiful pair of Lunachick panties, they were zebra striped with pink valuer writting... so in we go with our beers and staple gun... we have a great night with these panties stapled to the wall above us... oh we drank and we laughed all night... we threw peanuts at people and smoked under the no smoking sign (you cant smoke in the bars in this town)... AND THEN, the next day we went back and they were gone! We ran to the man in his overalls and said John where did our panties go. He told us they were removed by "the man" because he wasnt sure if they were clean or used... dang man that pissed us off, some of those bras were nastier than our brand new panties. oh well thats the story of the panties on the wall.
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